designer eyewear


Your Eyes Tell A Story

Like any great fashion accessory, your eyewear can either stand out as the first thing that someone notices about you, or seamlessly blend into your overall look. Whatever your personal style, your eyewear can say a lot about how you see the world… and how the world sees you.


Frame Yours Brilliantly

Iris Eye Center features the latest designer eyewear for women and men in a variety of styles, colors and up-to-the-minute materials like titanium, acetate, stainless steel and plastic, for men, women and children. Our huge selection of eyeglass frames spans premier brands, and we work with everyone with or without insurance.


Find Your Ideal Fit

Iris Eye Center associates are trained to connect you to your ideal eyeglasses match from our eyeglass stores collection, taking into account your face shape, complexion, hair and eye colors, personal preferences and lifestyle. Want your sunglasses to evoke 1950’s screen idol glamour, but your indoor specs to stay incognito? Or maybe you’d like to keep things casual during the day, devil-may-care at night? Stop by for a customized experience that will match you to your dream pair — and rest easy, knowing that we are always available for Comfort & Fit Eyewear Check-ups (including thorough cleaning, frame & temple alignment, screw tightening and nose pad adjustment).